Christina Bogdanova

Christina Bogdanova

Originally from Bulgaria, Christina moved to Nashville, with her son, 18 years ago.

She has been always very passionate about helping people and serving the community.  After many years in the healthcare industry and looking for ways to make a bigger impact in the society, she founded Immersion Retreat.  

Christina is an artist, photographer and a former singer; enjoying crafts, flower arrangements and gardening. She loves nature and music (who doesn’t in Nashville☺).  Having many opportunities to travel around the world and the country with her former employer, Miss Universe, Christina was able to see firsthand many women’s struggles and challenges. Having experienced domestic violence personally, she wanted to make a difference and help women in distress. Over the years she found art, music and nature to be very therapeutic when coping with stress and other life struggles and challenges. She wants to combine her love for art, music and nature with her passion to help women in distress.

With the services provided at Immersion Retreat, she wants to share the benefits of the healing powers of art, music and nature with women from different demographics, from victims of human trafficking to women dealing with stress in the office.

With the founding of Immersion Retreat, Christina wants to make a difference in women’s lives and wants to bring awareness and compassion in the community about the struggles of women in distress.