About Immersion Retreat


Immersion Retreat is a nonprofit organization that conducts retreats, classes and workshops to help and inspire women in distress, to rebuild their lives and achieve empowerment, to renew personal peace and harmony through art, music and nature.

By utilizing art, music and nature as healing tools, Immersion Retreat is striving to offer a safe and stress free environment to women affected by and recovering from human trafficking, sexual and domestic violence, homelessness, and cancer; women experiencing stress, life struggles and life controlling issues.

Art, music and nature are powerful tools that build confidence, increase self-awareness, elevate our mood and improve our outlook on life. Art engages both sides of the brain and allows us to process unresolved feelings and emotions. Appropriate music can result in increasing socialization and reducing anxiety, pain and depression. Spending time in nature can lead to cognitive benefits, such improvements in our abilities to think, lowering stress, improvements of mood and reducing disease or mortality. Creative expressions through art, music and nature allows for wounded hearts to heal in a safe and supportive environment at Immersion Retreat.

We offer free of charge art and craft workshops as daily retreats (Mon – Fri, 9am-1pm) and mini retreats (Mon, Wed, Thu 5:30pm-7pm). The workshops include art and crafts projects, stress release activities, light exercises, urban hikes, urban gardening and meditations.

Call 615.416.0338 to reserve your spot at the retreat! 

Mission Statement